Wednesday, 25 July 2012

True blue punk

Look around any campsite and it's easy to see that campers come in all shapes and sizes. 

There are the small campers - a lightweight tent, a cooking stove and an aching back.

There are the family campers - complex, multi-roomed (and possibly multi-dimensional) canvas structures which spring out of a trailer and occupy several acres. These often feature a pennant towering above them, leading you to suspect that a medieval knight may emerge at some point.

Then there are the caravans. For the most part these are huge, white boxes with awnings to match.

Somewhere between the aching back and the boring white box lies another alternative. The teardrop caravan. A bed on wheels and not much else.

Here is a splendid example, currently on eBay. (Click here to find the auction.) It's a moulded fibreglass construction, features a double mattress, storage cubby holes and has a large entry door, held up with gas struts. Once the awning is attached, you can sleep with the door up or down (dog optional).

It's a bedroom on wheels that is thoroughly lightweight, modern and charming.

Thanks to eBay member shadow.0147 for use of the photographs.

Monday, 16 July 2012

A barrel of fun

An unusual bow-topped mini-caravan has appeared on eBay. All the more unusual because it is self-built, immaculately finished and being sold so that the builder can get started on another one!

The timber top gives it a distinctly Romany feel and the inside is rather fine - there's even a flatscreen TV. The mini cooking area is displayed by our glamorous model …

 Here's a caravan which is different, striking and has a sense of humour too.

To view the auction, click here.

Thanks to lolandnookie for permission to use the photographs.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Who kitted out Bambi?

Not quite the Tenpole Tudor/Sex Pistols classic but hum along anyway as you visit this Airstream Bambi currently on eBay.

The Airstreams are the classic US of A trailer. All shiny aluminium and rivets. This Bambi 11 was originally built in 1964 and has been carefully restored to period condition. Note the red and black leather and Betty Boop interior.

Click here to visit the auction, which runs until 19 July.

Thanks to eBayer x5soo for use of the pictures.

Friday, 6 July 2012

A drop of the small stuff

Caravans don’t have a brilliant image. They’re usually big, white and in front of you on country lanes. A bungalow that’s escaped its moorings.
How about something different? Mostly white but with a dash of flair. 
This custom-built teardrop caravan is currently on eBay (click here for the auction). 
Only 1.2 metres high and 2.4m long, it sleeps two and is the ultimate in minimalist caravanning. It’s part of a new movement of micro-vans, some of which are so small they can be towed by a motorbike.
It’s small, nippy and thoroughly punk.

Thanks to Donna Abby for use of the photographs.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

101 uses for a boring box - no. 1

Here at PunkCaravan we’re not huge fans of the traditional, white box on wheels. But they have their uses.
Robin King in Gloucestershire has turned his into a cinemaIf you can’t get to film, the film can come to you.
And he’s not alone. 

The world’s smallest solar-powered cinema is in a 2.7 metre, 1965 Euro-Camper, so don't go expecting an Imax experience. 

The Sol Cinema has a maximum audience size of eight. Or two if you have a jumbo popcorn. 

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The funky Puck

Big, boring caravans are usually white. Occasionally they get all edgy and have some scribbly Letraset on the sides.
Meet a caravan that’s bright blue, small, 30-years old and currently residing on eBay.
It’s a Puck, the smallest of the Eriba range and a German design that has remained virtually unchanged since the 1950s. 
Eribas are solidly made and can last for decades. They’re the European equivalent of an Airstream but without the weight. In exactly the same way that Europeans are the equivalent of Americans but without the weight.
The Eriba Puck has charm, character and is a thoroughly Punk Caravan.
This funky Puck is on eBay until 24 July or until someone buys it from its home in Baden-Baden.

Thanks to eBay member Icelandtours for permission to use his photographs.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Caravans go punk

This is the year of the Staycation.
Have you outgrown the tent? Fancy an RV but frightened by the cost? Drawn to a caravan but deterred by the image?
Welcome to PunkCaravan where Glamping is the new rock and roll.
Throw away the chinz curtains and fluffy cushions. Embrace a world of funky design and radical thinking. This is caravanning that is groovier, smaller, lighter, more environmentally-friendly.
PunkCaravan reveals how to camp in a field without getting mired in the 1950s.