Wednesday, 25 July 2012

True blue punk

Look around any campsite and it's easy to see that campers come in all shapes and sizes. 

There are the small campers - a lightweight tent, a cooking stove and an aching back.

There are the family campers - complex, multi-roomed (and possibly multi-dimensional) canvas structures which spring out of a trailer and occupy several acres. These often feature a pennant towering above them, leading you to suspect that a medieval knight may emerge at some point.

Then there are the caravans. For the most part these are huge, white boxes with awnings to match.

Somewhere between the aching back and the boring white box lies another alternative. The teardrop caravan. A bed on wheels and not much else.

Here is a splendid example, currently on eBay. (Click here to find the auction.) It's a moulded fibreglass construction, features a double mattress, storage cubby holes and has a large entry door, held up with gas struts. Once the awning is attached, you can sleep with the door up or down (dog optional).

It's a bedroom on wheels that is thoroughly lightweight, modern and charming.

Thanks to eBay member shadow.0147 for use of the photographs.

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