Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The funky Puck

Big, boring caravans are usually white. Occasionally they get all edgy and have some scribbly Letraset on the sides.
Meet a caravan that’s bright blue, small, 30-years old and currently residing on eBay.
It’s a Puck, the smallest of the Eriba range and a German design that has remained virtually unchanged since the 1950s. 
Eribas are solidly made and can last for decades. They’re the European equivalent of an Airstream but without the weight. In exactly the same way that Europeans are the equivalent of Americans but without the weight.
The Eriba Puck has charm, character and is a thoroughly Punk Caravan.
This funky Puck is on eBay until 24 July or until someone buys it from its home in Baden-Baden.

Thanks to eBay member Icelandtours for permission to use his photographs.

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